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“All people end up somewhere in life, but few end up there on purpose.”

That’s a fairly well-known quote from leadership guru and Life.Church pastor, Craig Groeschel. It reminds us that life needs vision.

The horizon, not the few steps in front of you, is what you should set your eyes on.

Lately, this has been ringing true for us more than ever with the difficult-to-grasp concept of branding. We all need to realize something and get comfortable with it: everyone is an expert at branding.

That’s not sarcasm. And we’re not talking about just those of us in the marketing industry. ALL of us. Like it or not, YOU are a branding expert.

Everything thing you do is branding. You do it without even thinking about it. In your daily routine, in your values, in how you conduct business – you have already laid the groundwork for your brand. One can study “branding” or emulate great brands, but you can’t specialize in it. It’s everything you do, specialty or not. One can only learn and work to do it better. Refine it. Push it to the next level. And as Craig’s quote suggests, do it intentionally.

Nobody works to intentionally damage or neglect their brand. You unintentionally do that. When you are intentional about something, you are looking at a positive end result and working towards that.

This is why we brand forward. We cast out in front of the company we’re working with and design around their brand in ways that give them something to begin striving for. Even if we’re just taking baby steps forward with them, it’ll be in an intentional forward direction – driving toward a shared goal or future state. As in life, the path to this goal is not always a straight line or must be rigidly followed. Allowing your brand to explore new, creative ways to reach the desired outcome isn’t anything to be afraid of. Evolving your brand to stay in step with a fast-moving world is what will assure that you remain relevant.

Our professional advice for branding on purpose is to get away from the grind for a while, set your eyes on the future, write down your goals, make thoughtful (but snappy) decisions, be brave, and just go for it.

Because if you’re not moving forward with your brand, you’re moving backward with it.