This is why you want Traction.

We help durable companies with valuable brands that need to solve new problems and close gaps between generations.

We brazenly champion the future. Unafraid of uncertainty. Comfortable in unfamiliar territory. Sure-footed through change.

We believe that rigorous curiosity and optimism are the only paths to originality and innovation. There is always a new and better way. And we are curious enough to find it.

Our viewpoint is that marketing is vastly more effective when it builds emotional bridges.

Through aspirational storytelling, we connect values and beliefs to motivations and behaviors. We span the gap between rational thought and unconscious decision-making.

We guide companies into Brand New Territory™.

Here’s how we do that.

step one

Structured discovery with leadership eliminates disconnects to uncover new vision and drive progress.

step two

Data-driven, archetypal customer personas inform the story.

step three

The story carries the newly invigorated company vision.

step four

The vision is projected into the new territories surrounding the future consumer.

step five

Relevancy and resonance are tracked and measured to reveal opportunity and spark iteration.

Moving a brand forward requires Traction.

What is Brand New Territory?

Brand New Territory is the negative space in a competitive landscape where one can stand out and win effortlessly.

It is an active noun. A call-to-action urging you to charge forward and never settle. And it’s a state of being where your business can create its own rules and write its own future.

More specifically, it’s where a niche marketing strategy that drives exponential growth lands you.

It’s where you find and mold your future customers. And it’s where you own your own space, compete less, sell more, and amplify profitability.