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It’s easy to look at our new business opportunities, however enticing or blasé they might sometimes be, and get excited about the prospect of winning new work. We love what we do and it is easy to want to do it for someone new.

So the challenge is to not waste our time (responding to faceless RFPs), or the time of a prospect (bombarding them with cold calls), in those opportunities. While we love taking on and learning about new clients, we simply can’t help every company that reaches out to us. There are too many. Some need things we can’t do. More want things we won’t do. Others aren’t going to be willing to do what we believe they need to do.

The first step in our approach to new business is to size up and weed out companies that aren’t right fits. We put forth the effort to narrow the focus down to the kinds of companies we want to work with before we waste their time, and ours, meeting on the scope of work and budget.

So if you’re wondering what might make a company the right fit for us, here’s how we begin lining things up.

We’ve made these as simple, to the point, and as difficult to misunderstand as possible.

1 – You are considerate and personable with us. We’ll be the same!
2 – You don’t hide important metrics from us, like your budget. We won’t hide how we charge.
3 – You want us to do things for you that you can’t do, therefore you won’t even try.
4 – You think long term about the relationship we are working to build. We do our half of the building.
5 – You plan to listen to us and expect us to listen to you even more.
6 – You understand you’ll end up paying more for what you want, as opposed to what you need.
7 – You not only want something that hasn’t been done before but you expect it.
8 – You hate the thought of paying for our time but are excited to pay for our ideas and their results.
9 – You get disappointed in us when we don’t push you toward the goals you will set for us.
10 – You believe us when we have data to support our insights, as well as when we don’t.
11 – You get that it’s not personal. It’s just business. Traction requires friction.

There’s a marketing/branding/creative/advertising/communications firm out there for everyone. And each one has a different right-fit type of client. But if our list resonated and you’d still like to have a conversation about the value we could help you generate, then we should talk to find out if we’re the right fit for you, too.