Celebrating its 36th year in 2018, the Redbud Classic has become an Oklahoma City tradition involving the community through fitness, fun, and philanthropy. And while the run itself has stood the test of time as a staple in OKC, its website was in need of a modern evolution. The site as it existed was out-dated, it was not vibrant, it was not mobile friendly, and most importantly, it did not showcase the personality of the Redbud Classic.


With the rise in popularity of color runs, mud runs, and beer runs, we knew that it was important to create a site that celebrated the timelessness of the Redbud Classic, but that also brought the race into the modern era. Our goal was to appeal to young runners through a vibrant, mobile friendly, simple yet robust online experience.


The new provides users with everything they need in a few short scrolls or clicks. Visitors to the site can quickly register for the race, donate to the Redbud Foundation, and are presented with a countdown clock winding its way toward race day. The vibrant colors draw from the classic Redbud logo, and the modern aesthetic and usability of the site cater to users young and old. The site celebrates Redbud as the seasoned veteran of runs in OKC, while giving her some much needed updates and improvements.