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In 2017 we were tasked with building a cohesive design aesthetic across all of Lyric’s productions, both at the Plaza Theatre and the Civic Center. In response to the overwhelming success of this campaign, Lyric challenged us to design the look for their 2018 line-up, keeping a visual cohesiveness across the shows while incorporating subtle distinctions between the Plaza shows and the Civic Center shows.


A visual campaign that celebrates the personality of each individual show, distinguishes the Plaza shows from the Civic productions, while still connecting all 6 shows to each other with similarities in design, color, and typography.


A vibrant collection of show art work that provides an immediate visual impact. Each piece is uniquely designed to illuminate the icons and themes of the show it represents, while still connecting visually to the rest of the Lyric lineup. Plaza shows share distinct characteristics, as do the Civic Center productions.