The Problem

With over 120-years of local, family-owned history at its back, BC Clark Jewelers claims its unrivaled status as “Oklahoma’s leading jeweler” honestly and virtuously. But despite being satisfied with their current market position, the emergence of a new national jeweler in the OKC market provided BC Clark the incentive to remind us all that, in a city where “local” rules, they are and will forever be Oklahoma's original local business.

The Solution

In advertising, it’s not often that we find ourselves in a position to put product messaging on the back burner. But in this case, our strategy was to do exactly that. Instead of underscoring why BC Clark’s diamond jewelry is the best and brightest, we focused on the qualities that would most resonate with OKC's local spirit—BC Clark's commitment to family and their unrivaled position as Oklahoma City's oldest and most trusted local business.

The Result

To deliver the message, we built an integrated campaign around a simple slogan - "From the Heart of Oklahoma" - with multiple denotations. At once, this phrase represents BC Clark’s beginnings in Purcell, Indian Territory, their current home in Oklahoma’s boomingest metro, the company’s embodiment of the Oklahoma standard (family, integrity, humility, hard work, and community), and the driving emotion behind most jewelry gifts.

A craftsman-style logo, imagery & motion set against locally sourced backdrops and decor, and an emphasis on organic content allowed us to reach a large audience with a campaign that has been revered for its honesty and authenticity.