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The Problem

From the moment they fired up their first barbecue pit in 1996, Earl’s Rib Palace has consistently been named Oklahoma City’s favorite BBQ restaurant. Despite this sustained reputation, and a loyal and growing customer base that extends well beyond the OKC Metro’s farthest bounds, Earl’s had never deployed a strategic marketing plan anchored by a clear brand platform.

The Solution

What began as a meeting about handling creative and messaging for their 20th anniversary campaign quickly veered into an open dialogue about the fact that the Earl’s Rib Palace brand had existed for nearly 20 years without concrete definition. Our proposition was to define the voice and character of the brand before any other messaging was created.

The Result

Our first order of business was to facilitate an intensive DIG Discovery Session with the Earl’s figureheads. This Q&A-style workshop encourages open, but guided discussion about the principles, personality, and purpose that drive the brand. From those insights, we accurately articulated Earl’s core values, visual foundation and identity, and brand voice, and delivered it to them in a newspaper-style format that beautifully reflects the character and aesthetic of Earl’s Rib Palace.