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The Problem

While BC Clark would have been perfectly content with a sweet new design on a sweet new platform, it’s just not in our DNA to simply build a website and leave it at that. For us, a website is the cornerstone of a brand, oftentimes delivering the first and most important impression, and always eliciting some sort of user action.

The Solution

We saw this as an opportunity to evolve BC Clark’s existing brand platform and establish new design standards that will be incorporated into all of their marketing materials and efforts going forward. This includes new font choices, a flat version of the gold brand color, and an overall cleaner design that allows product and imagery to drive the brand experience.

The Result

The simplicity of the website’s design cues, both subtle and unmistakable, have intentionally allowed us to inject them into all of BC Clark’s marketing and communication efforts. In addition to architecting around existing content, a substantial amount of the time was devoted to enhancing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in a few of the website’s most trafficked sections - Pray for Rain, engagement rings, and the main navigation menu.