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The Problem

Thanks to a 124-year reputation, and a 60-year-old jingle, everyone knows that jewelry from BC Clark Jewelers is the gift you know can’t fail. But what isn’t common knowledge is that BC Clark’s Life:Style Department is one of the most popular bridal registry destinations in Oklahoma City.

The Solution

Promote the Bridal Registry program, and give it a younger, funner look and feel. Turns out, it was so young and fun and comprehensive that it recently won a Gold ADDY at the OKC ADDY Awards. Better yet, the client saw enough return on the booklet that they wanted to extend the creative to a new Bridal Registry Rewards program they were developing.

The Result

We created the rewards program materials almost entirely by hand, all the way down to the From the Heart of Oklahoma stamp on the back of the “thank you” envelope. In fact, the only elements that came from outside our four walls were the rubber bands, envelopes, and card sleeves, which were still sourced, stuffed, and assembled with our own two hands.