The Problem

For more than 40 years, Air Tractor has been the industry leader in aerial application. The challenge, easier said than done, was to simply get out of the way and let the aircraft speak for itself while looking great on any device.

The Solution

When the first Air Tractor was unveiled in 1977, it was presented as an improved, modern ag plane with a sleek, aerodynamically efficient airframe. The new Air Tractor website needed to accomplish what Leland Snow's original vision entailed. Of course, it also helps having top-notch photography to work with.

The Result

Clean, modern, minimal, big, beautiful? Yes. With the new Air Tractor website, users can quickly and easily access information about their favorite aircraft or learn about the newest. Everything from an extensive dealer listing to AT News and Industry Buzz is available for all. While the aircraft is impactful, the website itself takes a step back to allow Air Tractor to do what it does better than any other: stand out.