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Team Traction just grew by two new designers. So when we say R&R, we’re talking about Remi and Riley.

Before we dive in and meet these fresh faces, let us just say that growing our creative team – not just in capacity, but in diversity of talent – is extremely important to us.

As it becomes ever-more important for businesses to use design and creativity as a differentiator and advantage over the competition, it then becomes our mission to back that up in what we bring to the table. We see no better way than bringing in young, talented people with great ideas and even better outlooks on what it means to design for businesses.

We originally set out to hire a single new designer. But, after meeting both Remi and Riley, we just couldn’t see letting either of them go. So, we hired them both. They complement each other extremely well, and both quickly fell into our workflow their first week here. We’re excited to introduce you to them, and even more thrilled to have them.

Meet Remi Scott, new designer at Traction.

Remi, a visionary for as long as she can remember, found her love for design her freshman year. A close friend had decided to major in graphic design, and it was through her that Remi decided it was exactly what she wanted to do, too.

Through her studies at the Communication Design program at Oklahoma Christian University, Remi discovered her love for simple and clean designs, focusing on well-set type, and simple, but thoughtful, color combinations. Her love for simplicity, but constructed and concise design, shows in her own creations. She believes that if you can master communicating with simplicity, you can communicate with just about anything in the design world.

A college project with the objective to develop a company concept and a logo. Remi created a childcare center for kids of low income families.

Remi is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma City and is thrilled to be entering the creative scene as a bright-eyed designer.

She believes that, as creatives, we are perfectly placed in the position to leave the world a better place than we found it.

When Remi isn’t designing, you can bet she’ll be petting any puppy within arms reach, finding an excuse to eat breakfast food for dinner, or swooning over perfectly paired typefaces. She also loves sipping on some sour beer, watching Parks and Rec, and listening to storytelling podcasts.

Meet Riley Hennigh, new designer at Traction.

Observant of his surroundings and the messages certain branding styles would evoke, Riley realized during his middle school years just how much of an impact design had on him and his life. It was through these observations he realized design was exactly what he wished to pursue.

Through countless YouTube videos, in-depth research, vocational graphic design classes, and an exceptional amount of time spent tinkering with his own ideas, Riley refined his skills as a graphic designer. It was in these educational experiences he discovered his own personal style, something he describes as “minimalistic.”

After being approached by Blackjack Acquisitions, Riley created a logo and overall brand design.

In an era where uniqueness is so valued, yet so rare, Riley tries to maintain his own style by focusing his time on growing in his own style, rather than browsing others’ works. Though they are a source of inspiration, he cares more about providing the best for his own clients, using everything in his design arsenal, rather than following trends and fads.

He believes in taking away all the unnecessary while providing the viewer with the important information to guide them in the right direction.

When Riley isn’t busy designing or researching, he spends his time driving the biggest truck known to man, communicating on Slack through Emojis and Gifs, reading riveting books about finance and consulting, and working with his hands.