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For us, 2018 brought with it a lot of change. From fresh faces to fresh spaces, we’re excited to welcome you inside our home we lovingly call The Warehouse.

Q: What prompted the decision to renovate the office?

A: Besides having been in the space for an approximate 34,000 hours myself without significant change –a selfish desire for something new– it was the purchase of the building. We’ve leased the building from the state of Oklahoma since 2006. So when we found out we would be able to buy the building, the dream of a complete remodel made sense and was within grasp. Along with the renovation of the space we’ve inhabited this whole time, we wanted to take over the rest of the space which we’ve sub-leased all these years. This was critical in changing up the use of half of the building.

Q: When you first started planning the new space, what was your biggest goal?

A: There were multiple goals, but providing our team with a variety of workspaces was the one that always rose to the top. We now have workspaces for individuals, and more places to meet and collaborate.

Q: If you could describe your vision for the new space in three words, what would they be?

A: Connected. Modular. Refined.

Q: Where did you gather ideas and inspiration from?

A: The internet. Where else?! But also the raw materials we uncovered as demolition began on the space we used to lease out. Our plans didn’t change drastically, but they were refined through textures and surfaces we discovered by either making something out of them or quickly covering them up.

Q: You renovated just about every inch of the warehouse. Was there a part of it that you particularly liked planning/doing?

A: Oddly enough, the small space we’re calling The Hub was my favorite to see come alive. It went from a ridiculously full and messy storage room to a place someone might actually want to be. It’s where the left and right brain meet.

Q: For the Creative Department, what kind of environment were you hoping to create?

A: Ideally, airy, and spacious. The new creative department has windows, twice as much square footage, and a much higher ceiling. It has its own quiet space and meeting room called The Tank.

Q: The renovations included a lot of new meeting places, from The Hub to The Tank. What was your reasoning/goal for these additions?

A: Options. It’s about enabling different work styles. Sure, they can be meeting spaces, but they’re also workspaces.

Q: Why did you choose the colors and textures that you chose? What kind of feeling were you trying to create with the grays, whites, and natural woods?

A: The white makes the place look brighter and cleaner. The dark gray ads contrast and crisp lines where the two meet. It’s a smart look. The textures work well in a modern space, no matter the trend or decade. Wood, concrete, metal… they’re all timeless. They also help bolster the industrial warehouse aesthetic we’ve stuck with since, we are in fact, in an old warehouse.

Q: The lounge and the kitchen were big additions to the whole office. What was your vision for these two spaces? How do you hope your employees will utilize them?

A: What a game-changer having a full kitchen is! We now have a dedicated space to not only deal with foods and drinks but also to eat, drink, and be merry.

Q: The kids’ nook was another new addition to the office. Can you tell us why?

A: Between our staff, there are 11 kids. And one more on the way! My wife, Kathy, took this on as her project. Having a place for kids to play means when they arrive, which they do often, they have a place to be that’s all theirs. It’s essentially a kid magnet. They seem to approve.

Q: In a lot of ways, you minimalized. Both in appearances and in quantity. What motivated you to do this?

A: Less. Stuff. Better. Look. It’s really that simple. The fewer things touching the floor the better. The fewer things on the walls the better. We’re almost there. Hopefully, the process continues.

Q: Though the marketing side of the office only received cosmetic changes, it completely changed the atmosphere. It even led everyone to rethink their office layout. Why do you think this was the case?

A: We sit in these little boxes for a large portion of our lives. Change is refreshing and feels good. I hope we all continue to change things up as we have new ideas on how to redefine our spaces.

Q: If you could describe the finished space in three words, what would you choose?

A: Smart. Crisp. Modern.

Q: What are your three favorite words your employees have used to describe the space?

A: Clean. Bright. Bathrooms!

Q: What have your clients said about the space?

A: They’ve shared in the excitement and love the new look. I think they’re enjoying the change right along with us. We have some clients that spend a lot of time at our office. The addition of the kitchen/lounge area upstairs keeps other spaces open for guests to stay for a while.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: I truly appreciate the input and ideas that flowed from our staff. We made sure to give them plenty of opportunities to speak into what we did here. Hopefully, they all flourish in this environment and are proud of the place they get to work in.