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Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma has been producing Broadway-caliber shows for Oklahoma audiences since 1963. In recent years, they’ve responded to changing audiences with a new wave of innovative productions, and, in doing so, have set the bar for community theatre along the way.

It was time their logo followed suit.

For years, Lyric’s logo has actually been four logos, with one version serving as their main logo, another marking their Plaza shows, a third designating their Civic Center productions, and a fourth representing the Thelma Gaylord Academy.

To make things even more complex, each version incorporated a distinctive color palette that did not align with Lyric’s primary purple and light blue colors.

After six years of juggling multiple marks and the array of colors that came with them, we stepped back and starting planning a new logo that both simplifies and evolves the brand.

Our goal was to create an identifying mark that:

  1. Pays homage to Broadway’s iconic design aesthetic
  2. Speaks to Lyric’s community roots
  3. Embodies an epic night of epic entertainment
  4. Remains modern, bold, and readable at all sizes
  5. Reflects the look and feel of the new website
  6. Has the strength and recognizability to stand on its own

With those objectives in mind, our creative team drew back the curtains, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work.

Absent from the new logo are the intricacies of the star icon and the multi-hued shadows. In their place is a single, font-based mark that organically responds to the environment in which it’s placed – from print to desktop to mobile to social media icon.

In addition to developing a new logo, we also seized the opportunity to create a mini campaign and brand video (featuring the voice of Lyric Artistic Director Michael Baron) as its delivery vehicle. Both of which were unveiled before a select audience at Lyric’s Broadway and Brew event on Friday, May 6.

The result of this project is a brand mark that effortlessly represents Lyric Theatre’s 50-year history and its vision for the future.