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We weren’t prepared for this.

Like the rest of our industry peers, we select a modestly sized handful of our favorite work every year and enter it into Oklahoma City Ad Club’s ADDY Awards.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated quite the collection of gold, silver, and bronze ADDYs. In recent years, the golds have far outnumbered the silvers and bronzes, which is awesome. But despite this gold-standard quality of work that has become the norm, the coveted “Best Of’s” have mostly eluded us.

At the 2012 ADDYs, we brought home Best of Interactive for the LEVEL Urban Apartments website (now defunt). Every year since then, we’ve walked away proud of the recognition we received and proud of our market for a job well done. But if we’re being honest, the walk to the parking lot is always a little bit longer when your hands are “Best Of”-less.

This year we were humbled to hear Traction’s name announced as the recipient of the Excellence in Design special judges’ award for our Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma responsive logo. To be clear, we’re not surprised the Lyric logo was good enough to win, because we absolutely agree that it was. Thinking back on the moment, the shock was a product of us coming into the evening without expectations of winning one of the biggest awards.

What matters to us is that the work worked. And that our team got to not only celebrate our work, but be honored for it. We weren’t prepared to win any big awards. But when we did, we felt that familiar feeling of a warm pat on the back from the people whom we respect the most – our industry peers.