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Here at Traction, we’ve had the good fortune of cultivating an active client list that includes some of the most revered and longest-running companies in our market.

Names like BC Clark Jewelers, Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, Allied Arts, and Dunlap Codding are always fun to drop when people ask us who some of our clients are.

The newest addition to that list is Earl’s Rib Palace, the consensus pick for OKC’s best BBQ over the last 20 years.

Hoping to pro-up and maximize their marketing strategy leading into their 20th anniversary this June, and looking for a longterm marketing partnership, the Earl’s brass gave us a shout back in February to see what Traction was all about.

Thanks to a mutual respect for BBQ and creativity, the conversation casually evolved into a revelation that Earl’s needed not only a 20th anniversary campaign, but also a brand platform to define their voice and purpose, a branding campaign to deliver it, and a website to reinforce it.

With their June anniversary right around the corner, we quickly realized we were cramming a lot into a really small window. We also realized that anything is possible when you’re fueled by great BBQ.

In six short weeks, we conducted an intensive DIG Brand Discovery workshop, laid out a comprehensive brand platform, produced a branding campaign, developed a new website, and planned their 20th anniversary campaign. This is Oklahoma BBQ.

Along the way, we ate BBQ, shot BBQ, dreamt BBQ, and defined Oklahoma BBQ. Not a bad month and a half, if you ask us.

Feast your eyes on more Earl’s goodness.