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It’s no secret the world is changing at an incredibly rapid rate, perhaps quicker than ever before.

In a world where people tag their Twitter handles onto the end of resumes and the word “viral” is a good thing (for the most part), it can seem like a daunting task to reach all the right people at all the right times as a business. Though the possibilities are endless, it can be pretty overwhelming managing the digital media world.

Now, more than ever, we can help.

In August of 2016, we brought Kelsey on as a part-time intern, helping write content for our clients’ social media and content marketing efforts. We’re excited to announce that Kelsey recently came fully on board and transitioned to the other side of digital marketing, working with the numbers and strategy to get our content out to the right people, in the right places, all at the right time.

Meet our new-ish teammate, Kelsey Western.

With a Digital Media Coordinator in our toolbelt, we’re able to take this beast of technology and use it to our (and our clients’) advantage. Through campaign customizing, building, and reporting, we can custom-tailor digital media experiences to best fit the needs and goals of each client. Be it lookalike audiences, affinity groups or geo-targeted customers, we’re doing everything we can to ensure success with each and every campaign we construct.

Kelsey will be championing the on-going education and training of staff that it takes to keep up with the inner-workings of platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more. For our clients, this means more advanced methods of reaching the elusive “next generation” customer and new and better ways of maintaining engagement with current customers.

Digital media is both the present and predictable future of the marketing world, with its presence in our lives and this industry only growing. While we know traditional media isn’t going away anytime soon, we’re excited to continue providing our clients with the best of both worlds.

When Kelsey’s not crunching numbers or keeping up to date on the latest in the digital world, she enjoys playing ungodly amounts of video games, drinking earl grey tea, and shopping for heels. Though originally from California, she feels most at home in the great OK and plans on staying here for quite some time.

Welcome to the team, Kelsey!